WATCH LIVE: Senate considers health care legislation for veterans exposed to toxic substances

The Senate on Tuesday will consider a health care bill for veterans exposed to toxic substances.

The Senate is expected to consider the legislation at 11 a.m. ET. Watch the event in the player above.

CLOCK: President Joe Biden signs nine bipartisan pro-veteran bills into law

Last week, President Joe Biden signed nine bipartisan bills that he said would honor and improve care for American veterans.

“Our nation has many obligations. It just has a really sacred obligation,” Biden said.

“I’ve been saying this for over 35 years, sacred obligation. That means preparing and equipping those we send them into peril, and looking after them and their families when they get home. It’s a sacred commitment because veterans are the backbone, the backbone of who we are as a country.”

Biden also spoke before signing about his son Beau, who fell ill after serving the country.

“We have to talk about incinerator pits that burn waste from war tires, toxic chemicals, jet fuel and a lot more, I won’t even mention it,” Biden said.

“Noxious smoke, its poison spreading through our bases and into the lungs of our troops. And when they got home, many of the fittest, best-trained warriors we’ve ever had weren’t the same. Headache, numbness, dizziness. Cancer. My son Beau was one of them,” Biden said.

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