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AIIM Choices is recognized as a leader in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) community and specializes in supporting multicultural groups with NDIS Plan Management. Although based in Wodonga, AIIM Choices supports participants across Australia and in most major cities.

Sandy Powell, Corporate Development Manager, explains that the difference at AIIM Choices goes beyond paying bills on behalf of its customers.

“We’re really participant-centric in everything we do. For example, we supported a young boy with MS and part of the program includes horse riding. Horses and animals are a great combination for him, but to go horseback riding he needs a special saddle, “said Sandy.

“Does the NDIS fund saddles? No, it doesn’t. But would you fund a saddle for a special little nine year old who needs a special saddle with a special configuration to hold it in? Absolutely, you can, if possible associated with achieving its NDIS goals. This example illustrates our methodology of working with people to make sure they feel supported, not deprived. “

AIIM Choices also supports Australia’s multilingual communities by providing language assistance so that attendees can get the most out of their plan management. AIIM’s staff speak a number of languages ​​including Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Turkish, Vietnamese, Sinhala, Hindi, Punjabi, Polish and Filipino.

“We started this process some time ago because when someone calls we want to connect them to someone they can speak to in their own language. We are very interested in supporting marginalized groups and giving them access to NDIS . “

However, for some people new to Australia, based on their home country experience, it is worrying to have the confidence to talk about their disability or seek access to government services.

“Fortunately, we are in Australia. Filling out government papers is not always easy in other countries, so people from some cultures are extremely careful when seeking government assistance.”

To this end, AIIM Choices has launched its Ambassador’s Program, which aims to encourage newcomers to Australia who feel marginalized to interact with the NDIS.

“In order to work with these marginalized people, we try to find the most important influencing factors. In these communities, some individuals are the ‘glue’ that brings them together to talk about disability and find the help they feel comfortable with.

“Our participant-centric approach underpins the way we interact with these multicultural communities.”

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