Top Republicans Threaten Indiana Hospitals Because of Prices | Health care

“We need to make sure the Hoosier workers are protected,” said Matt Lehman, Rep. Matt Lehman, R-Bern, the House of Representatives Republican leader.

The Statehouse Democrats, meanwhile, have taken a cautious step towards individual freedom, and Republicans appear to be giving up by demanding programs to develop and recruit high-quality workers in Indiana, including student loans, affordable childcare, paid family vacations, and tax cuts for workers.

“Hoosiers don’t want handouts. Hoosiers want a fair chance to move forward,” said Phil GiaQuinta, House Democratic leader, D-Fort Wayne.

“Indiana thrives when we invest in our people, when we protect our freedoms, when we fight for fairness, when we build for the future.”

Senate Democratic Chairman Greg Taylor, D-Indianapolis, also noted that polls show that around 80% of Hoosiers support the legalization of marijuana on either a medical or recreational basis, and he said it was high time that Indiana is joining many of its neighboring states and reforming its cannabis laws.

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“Common sense legalization would bring new revenue streams to the state and create jobs for farmers and small businesses,” Taylor said. “It would also provide incalculable relief to the thousands of veterans and chronically ill Hoosiers who would benefit from medicinal cannabis.”

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