Republicans plan dangerous cuts to our health care – Daily Freeman

Dear editor,

Medication costs have gone down for me this week. I saved over $50 on one prescription alone. Credit goes to the Democrats in Congress and President Biden, who passed legislation allowing Medicare to negotiate prices with drug companies. It’s a win for Biden and a win for us.

Republicans opposed this smart legislation, along with other efforts to lower costs for consumers. They only endorse increased protection for their corporate donors.

Part of this year’s congressional election is about who will best preserve and expand Medicare and Social Security. The GOP’s regressive plan is to demand Social Security and Medicare cuts and threaten to hold the federal budget hostage in order to win.

Republicans know how unpopular these drastic cuts are. They didn’t dare implement them when they were in power a few years ago. Now they are plotting dangerous tactics that could cripple our government if not enforced.

For decades, these programs have helped us and protected millions of Americans. They were crucial when Democrats initiated them in the 1930s and 1960s. Now we all need to protect our Social Security and Medicare when we vote on November 8th.

Tobe Carey,

Glenford, NY

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