PopHealthCare builds on home care with Emcara Health


GuideWell Mutual Holding Corporation’s subsidiary, PopHealthCare, recently founded the value-driven national medical group Emcara Health. The new company will focus heavily on advanced primary care for the elderly in the home.

“PopHealthCare will continue to exist and provide risk adjustment services while Emcara Health takes care of home care,” Kirk Stanley, president of PopHealthCare, told Home Health Care News. “When you think of our performance umbrella, we adjust risk and take care. Emcara Health will be nursing and PopHealthCare will mainly focus on risk adjustment solutions. “

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee, PopHealthCare provides risk adjustment, home exam and primary care solutions. The company serves health insurance customers in 15 states.

GuideWell is now a not-for-profit parent healthcare company based in Jacksonville, Florida.

Emcara Health’s service lines include one-off in-home assessments, care support transitions, on-demand service provider visits, and longitudinal care. Mortar family doctor.

The recently launched company will also address social determinants of health assessments, ER redirection, and home palliative care.

The organization will serve Medicare Advantage, Managed Medicaid, and Managed Medicare.

Although PopHealthCare has been providing home care for over seven years, Stanley noted that the organization did so on a product-specific model.

“By founding a medical group, our payor partners will have more access to our care solutions. and [we can] offer it through a traditional vendor agreement rather than a vendor procurement type, ”he said. “Before Emcara Health we might have had a risk adjustment contract and then they tried to fit a care agreement into a non-care contract.”

In other words, the introduction allows for some separation between the two companies and creates space for Emcara Health to offer care as a medical group rather than a branded solution.

With Emcara Health, the company can take full advantage of the unique benefits of home care.

“The home allows for so many more behavioral and social components to be considered,” said Stanley. “People who are medically complex and frail are better managed, from total cost of care to filling gaps in care and improving quality of life. You can take a holistic approach rather than the traditional 12 minute visit to address a single major complaint related to an acute event. ”

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According to Stanley, Emcara Health is trying to bend the cost curve and dramatically reduce unnecessary use by the medically complex and frail person.

Although newly launched, Emcara Health has already joined the ranks of Amazon Care (Nasdaq: AMZN) and Intermountain Healthcare to advocate for home care. Emcara Health announced last week that it has become a member of Moving Health Home, a coalition to promote home care that includes the above companies as members.

“By joining Moving Health Home, we can basically add our voice to that group,” said Stanley. “Although it’s a diverse group, we are all really focused on how we can better take care of people and use the home as a clinic for that.”

Moving Health Home originally announced the founding of its organization in March. By and large, the coalition is focused on making the home a sustainable clinical place of care and changing the way politicians think about patient care.

Since the founding of Moving Health Home, BrightStar Care, Landmark Health, Signify Health (NYSE: SGFY), DispatchHealth, Elara Caring, Home Statt Senior Care, Ascension, Amwell (NYSE: AMWL) and Current Health have all joined the coalition.

Looking ahead to 2022, Emcara Health is focused on a number of company-wide goals.

“We want to continue expanding home care, developing our telemedicine solutions and advocating community health workers,” said Stanley. “We have already looked after. In over seven years we have looked after almost 500,000 member months. All this knowledge and experience flow into Emcara Health. “

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