Plantwise™ is raising the standards of the wellness industry with innovative, targeted formulas that support happy human health

“At Plantwise, we believe that plants are key to helping the planet and our bodies function well and stay balanced,” he said Trento Overholt, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Plantwise™. “Our goal is simple: to create products that are good for us and the planet, and that bring us closer to our vision of happy human health.”

Plantwise™ products fuel the endocannabinoid system, the body’s master controller for health and wellness. This extremely important regulatory system is nourished with the help of phytocannabinoids from plants. Plantwise™ formulas deliver phytocannabinoids along with other phytonutrients to support and balance the body where and when it’s needed.

“In our daily lives, our bodies are bombarded with stress from all sides,” he said Jimmy Brophy, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Plantwise™. “We have strived to create products that help balance the temporary stress people feel in their bodies. By focusing Plantwise™ herbal formulas on the endocannabinoid system, we can proactively and effectively deliver really good nutrients to the body to support people’s health.”

To achieve targeted, effective results, Plantwise™ has taken special care in the selection and amount of each ingredient in its formulas. Plantwise™ formulas clearly label each standardized ingredient and show what’s in each serving.

“With Plantwise, what you see is what you get,” said Brophy. “We don’t hide our ingredients in blends – we believe in complete transparency so you can make the best choices for your personal health and well-being.”

This spring and summer, Plantwise™ will introduce five initial products designed to promote exceptional performance, make consumers feel good, and support diverse areas of happy human health.

  • Plantwise™ Probiotics and Postbiotics: A dose of inner bliss to support the gut, brain and immune system. The acid-resistant Plantwise™ Probiotics and Postbiotics Capsule protects the colony of good bacteria, including 12 DNA-tested probiotic strains that provide good bacteria to support gut, brain, and immune system function (and just keep the whole body happy and healthy keep). It also contains 2 tyndallized (heat treated) postbiotic strains with components for gut and immune health activity. Finally, the prebiotic acacia fiber helps support and nourish the probiotic bacteria so they can do their job.*
  • Plantwise™ Mind Spark: When the time comes… boost energy and improve focus and reaction time to seize the day (or night) for happier human health. Plantwise™ Mind Spark dietary supplement helps boost energy, increase focus and boost performance to support the mind when it needs to be at its sharpest.*
  • Plantwise™ Relax and Rest: Sometimes the body needs to sink into a restful sleep. Relax, quiet the mind and sleep – these are essential to happy human health. Plantwise™ Relax and Rest dietary supplement offers support for those who experience occasional insomnia. It helps relieve stress, calm the mind, and enable consumers to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer for a restful night’s sleep.*
  • Plantwise™ Immune Prime: For enjoyment wherever life takes you – take charge and keep the immune system primed and ready for happy human health. Plantwise™ Immune Prime dietary supplement helps modulate (not stimulate) the immune system, supporting balance and readiness when the immune system is needed, both immediate and long-term.*
  • Plantwise™ Pain Support: Sometimes the body is overstretched – pain occurs. Get rid of aches and pains from times when the body is a little too busy and enjoy happy human health again. Plantwise™ Pain Support Cream supports pain relief associated with exertion and exercise by helping to reduce inflammation and providing beneficial pain relief.*

Plantwise™ currently incorporates organic, regeneratively grown hemp into its double-capsule formulas. The wellness company remains committed to driving demand and awareness for regenerative agriculture. These low-impact agricultural practices help reverse climate change by rebuilding and restoring soil health and biodiversity, improving carbon removal and increasing water efficiency, resulting in more nutrient-rich crops.

“As we grow and evolve, we will continue to focus on incorporating more renewably sourced ingredients into our formulas, as well as bringing education and advocacy to regenerative farming practices to help heal and support our planet for the next generation” said Overholt.

Plantwise™ products can be purchased through the company’s website and at specialty pharmacies and natural product retailers across the country. The brand is committed to accessibility and all dietary supplements are available for in-between meals $36.00 and $44.00.

For more information on Plantwise™, visit or follow Plantwise™ on Instagram, Facebookand LinkedIn.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

About Plantwise™:
At Plantwise™ we make good things out of plants for happy human health, delivering scientifically engineered products with a spectrum of quality ingredients that actually work. Plantwise™ formulas are designed to make consumers feel good, with benefits such as restful sleep, assisting with pain relief, increased focus and more. We are committed to increasing demand and awareness for regenerative agricultural practices and are currently incorporating organic, regeneratively grown hemp into our double-capsule formulas. All of this helps heal the land for this generation and the next, and that’s good for everyone. To learn more about Plantwise™, visit or follow Plantwise™ on Instagram, Facebookand LinkedIn.

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