Personal healthcare option is the right prescription

Through Johann Wedelich

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How long before we have a healthcare system that meets people’s needs? I am still shocked at how much healthcare costs and how hard it is to see prices in advance. Our current system is so full of bureaucracy that forces people like me to jump through hoops just to get a little grooming and then surprise us later when the bill comes. There has to be a solution for the majority of Americans who think getting healthcare should be as easy as shopping at Walmart or Amazon. We deserve more choice and control.

We need a system that makes healthcare more affordable, transparent and responsive for patients and consumers. It does this by putting individuals and families in control of their healthcare spending. It’s about putting people ahead of big insurance companies. The problem with government approaches — “Medicare for All” or the “public option” — is that government bureaucrats have far too much leverage over our healthcare, increasing costs and making it harder for people like me to get the care we do to need.

A personal healthcare option is the antidote to these awful proposals, because it would mean everyone has access to tax-free health savings accounts, insurance-free direct primary care plans, and 24/7 telemedicine, saving us time and money. Also, I can still see my long-time providers. We don’t need a complete gutting of the current system. But we need lawmakers to push and enact these kinds of changes that will benefit all Americans. A personal option in health care just makes sense.

– Johannes Wedelich


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