NoviSystems launches Fusion Analytics platform for data-driven benefits in healthcare and rare disease management and drug manufacturing


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RALEIGH, NC, October 20, 2021 / PRNewswire / – NoviSystems Inc., a data-driven decision-making company, has commercialized Fusion Analytics, a platform that helps hospitals, drug manufacturers, and other complex organizations generate answers and insights that can save them time and money.


NoviSystems has also assembled a top-class team of senior consultants to apply Fusion Analytics to one of its key priorities: better diagnosing and treating rare disease patients.

“The world is full of diverse data, but there are limited ways to quickly and easily unify and analyze it so that it is actionable,” said Michael Kovolenko, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of NoviSystems. “Our Fusion Analytics technology can help companies ingest and query data from multiple sources and in different formats so that they can answer important questions, solve problems, increase operational efficiencies and become more profitable.”

Powerful analytics, simple user interface
Fusion Analytics is a proprietary system that uses patented applied natural language processing and machine learning techniques to integrate, filter, and analyze diverse numerical and textual data sets.

Annual subscriptions to the platform include hardware, software, training, technical support, and consulting.

Fusion Analytics is easy to use and presents data graphically in customizable user dashboards. Anyone familiar with a pivot table in Microsoft’s Excel software should be able to use Fusion Analytics in their company.

This relative ease of use enables users to derive actionable knowledge from the power of artificial intelligence without the need for programming, data science, or database administration skills.

Fusion Analytics works well for complex healthcare organizations such as hospitals, biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical manufacturers, and contract research organizations.

For example, hospitals can use the platform to improve clinical, operational and financial activities. You can:

  • Justify reimbursement for treating a rare disease by finding diseases with similar symptoms that have ICD10 codes (used by doctors to classify a patient’s diagnoses, symptoms, and procedures) or by finding new treatment protocols described in PubMed, the search engine for accessing references and abstracts on life sciences and biomedical topics.
  • Create patient dashboards that allow a clinician to visualize all of a patient’s data before an appointment.
  • View all patient data to correlate different diseases with different combinations of laboratory test values.
  • Analyze patient populations through electronic medical records.

University roots
NoviSystems was spun off North Carolina State University in 2018, when Kovolenko, faculty member and director of the University’s Next Generation Institute of IT Systems, saw a need for commercial innovations in data integration and analysis for complex companies, especially those that are highly regulated and process-oriented, like drug manufacturing.

His previous experience as Senior Vice President for Biogen Idec and Wyeth’s (now Pfizer’s) Biotechnology and Vaccine Division also convinced him that by bringing together operational data from multiple quality systems, more could be done to accelerate data-driven decision-making. He and his employees in the biopharmaceutical companies had to aggregate and filter complex data in order to ensure a continuous supply of safe drugs while at the same time demonstrating an overall state of control and compliance with various multinational regulatory requirements.

at NC state, Kovolenko and his team of engineers and developers have collaborated on innovative software projects with IBM; the biopharmaceutical and healthcare industries; and government agencies. A project funded by a grant from University of North Carolina System that led to the creation of the InfoHub for rare diseases, an online resource portal that supports rare disease patients and their carers.

Rare Disease Advisor
This project inspired Kovolenko to start NoviSystems and make rare diseases a top priority for the company. He hired a team of senior consultants to lead the application of Fusion Analytics to accelerate better diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases. The consultants include:

  • Charles Hamner, DVM, Ph.D., who is Chief Life Sciences Advisor. Hamner has had a long career as a scientist, pharmaceutical R&D executive, university hospital director, and president of the North Carolina Biotechnology Center. With the advent of precision medicine, he realized that artificial intelligence and data analysis were essential for innovations in the diagnosis, treatment and support of patients with rare genetic diseases and genomically characteristic cancers.
  • Rick Williamswho acts as the chief commercial officer and works with the chief operating officer John Bass Providing NoviSystems solutions to biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical companies, contract research institutes and specialty clinical medicine. Early in his career, Williams was director of marketing and health economics at Genentech, where he helped become one of the first biotech companies specializing in the treatment of rare diseases. He later contributed to the development of the commercial outsourcing, cell research, pharmacogenomics and organs-on-chips industries.
  • Sharon Kingwho is the patient representative. King is President of Taylors Story, a Charlotte-based non-profit organization dedicated to advocacy and research for rare diseases. She is also an appointed member of the North Carolina Rare Disease Advisory Council, which advises state government leaders.
  • Van’s daughterwho is the community engagement advisor. Daughtry is a former trustee of the Florida-based Phelan-McDermid Syndrome Foundation, a nonprofit rare disease organization and a senior management consultant. Since the inception of the Rare Disease InfoHub, rare disease community leaders like Daughtry have ensured that academic and commercial Fusion Analytics projects meet the needs of patients and families.

DR. Mike Kowolenko
Managing Director
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John Bass
Operations manager
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Rick Williams
Deputy Chief Commercial Officer
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Mike Kowolenko, PhD - CEO of NoviSystems
Mike Kowolenko, PhD – CEO of NoviSystems

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