New variant of COVID emerges, leading health professionals to emphasize the importance of vaccinations

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin (NBC 26) – A new variant of COVID-19 has been discovered in South Africa and the World Health Organization is calling it a “variant of concern,” with the possibility of increased risk compared to. to be more transferable to other variants. “What you do can be really important and important to the health of our entire community,” says Dr. Burmeister and encourages the community to register for vaccinations.

“It’s something that has come up in South Africa and is apparently spreading relatively quickly in the sense that if you test positive you see it a little more prevalent in South Africa than it was originally detected a few days ago,” said Dr Anthony Fauci on Friday morning.

Doctor Fauci was careful not to raise the alarm on Friday, and local health officials are following suit. But they are also aware of how quickly variants like the Delta variant, which was first discovered in the United States in May, can travel around the globe.

“The variant was already widespread when we were asked when it would appear in our community,” says Dr. Brad Burmeister, a doctor at Bellin Health.

Dr. Burmeister says more research needs to be done to really understand this new variant. It is known, however, that the COVID-19 virus is constantly mutating and that this modification has more mutations than any version of the virus discovered to date. That makes the newest variant a. Concern, a concern that could potentially have been foiled if more people around the world had been vaccinated.

“The more people are infected, the more the virus has the opportunity to have small genetic changes. So we need the help of our community to get vaccinated, ”adds Dr. Burmeister added.

And while it may take days, weeks, or months for the newest variant to be discovered in the United States, one thing is certain that variants like these will continue to emerge, particularly in unvaccinated populations areas.

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