Mary Henderson: Choose Gov. Mills, protect health care for Mainers

When Paul LePage was governor, Mainers suffered by denying them health care.

He vetoed and blocked the 90-100% state-funded expansion of MaineCare to 70,000 Mainers, even after voters passed it in a referendum.

Before that, he cut 65,000 people out of MaineCare entirely (see Portland Press Herald, December 7, 2011).

I knew a person who was recovering from their addiction and was cut off from their prescription treatment. A friend of a friend’s breast cancer came back and died. She might have died anyway, I was told, but she was suffering needlessly and was afraid to seek treatment for fear of the cost.

Republicans denied with unreal political fervor that this cruelty would result from their cuts. But it was very real.

gov. Janet Mills expanded MaineCare on her first day in office, and many more people are now covered.

For the good of the people of Maine, voters should keep LePage and his supporters out of office.

Mary Henderson, Topsham

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