Maine needs to improve its mental health system

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Maine’s mental health care system needs to be addressed. It fails because of the people of Maine. In recent years, mental health care has become a big issue in everyone’s life. There have been numerous instances where the system has let us down. For example, I think there is an appalling lack of training and therapy in the mental institutions. Patients are often sent to a psychiatric hospital only to be monitored until they no longer pose a threat to themselves.

Unfortunately, the main goal of some hospitals seems to be to get the patient out as quickly as possible, when it really should be to find out why the patient is there and what they can do to help.

I find it really disgusting how society treats teenagers with mental disorders today. Therapists often rely heavily on medication to help their patients rather than work through their problems with them. Parents and teachers punish them for not being able to function like other children.

There is an urgent need for reform. Instead of looking down on mental illness, we need to put more effort into training therapists, teachers and nurses, and providing parents with resources and tools to help people who are struggling.

hello luce


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