Long-Term Disability Claims Attorneys – Greg Jones Law, PA successfully represents clients seeking insurer claims and government benefits

Greg Jones Law helps clients recover medical bills, lost wages and other expenses associated with personal injury caused by the negligence of others. It represents clients in long-term disability cases relating to Cigna claims, SSDI claims, disability reconsideration suits, etc.

According to announcements released by Greg Jones Law, PA, the law firm is fighting to bring fair compensation to its clients who have been harmed by the negligence of others. That Long-Term Disability Claims Attorneys – Greg Jones Law, PA Assisting clients with filing denied SSDI and Cigna claims, disability re-examination claims, claims denied by Standard Life and denied disability claims.

This law firm has experience helping clients appeal their Supplemental Security Income case to the Appeals Council and filing for first-time SSI claims. It also provides legal assistance to clients in claims settlement under the Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program. In such cases, the law firm works both in and out of court and knows how to do justice for the client.

Greg Jones Law, PA provides legal advice and representation to clients across the country. Individuals with disability claims who are denied by CIGNA, a self-paying disability insurance provider, or other national employers should consult an attorney at that law firm. The experienced attorneys, led by trial attorney Greg Jones, have helped clients across the United States achieve fair and equitable claims settlements.

Both CIGNA and Standard Life have faced lawsuits for denying legitimate long-term disability claims. This law firm has a good track record of successfully contesting claims that were denied by these two insurers.

That Greg Jones Law, PA Law LinkedIn profile provides further insight into the work ethic and latest achievements of the law firm.

Individuals dealing with the physical, mental and emotional effects of injuries should consider hiring this law firm and be assured that the long-term legal issues will not be the legal issues associated with obtaining compensation from the guilty party to take care of.

Greg Jones Law, PA said: “Being rejected by Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is disappointing and frustrating. But you shouldn’t feel hopeless if your original claim is denied. Most applicants are initially rejected, but with legal help you can still gain benefits by filing an amended claim or by appealing.”

Greg Jones Law handles SSDI and SSI claims nationwide. We are committed to advancing your claim to the extent necessary to receive the benefits you deserve. You have 60 days from notification of a rejection to resubmit the application for reconsideration. The first step in the Social Security Administration’s appeal process is called reconsideration.

The initial application will be reviewed by an SSA claims representative. Upon re-examination, your claim will be reviewed by another SSA representative or claims manager. The original claim gets a facelift, along with all the new evidence, such as B. ongoing medical treatment or attempts to return to work.

The approval rate for a re-examination is very low – even lower than for original applications. However, we are not just going ahead and blaming the SSA for the same allegation. Our law firm will carefully review the application to determine if anything is missing and we will amend your application to include additional documentation or updated medical records.”

About the firm:

Greg Jones Law, PA is a disability denial attorney serving clients in North Carolina and across the country. His expertise is available in cases related to car accidents, dog bites, truck accidents, building liability, SSID claims denial, CIGNA claims denial and Standard Life claims denial.

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