Indy Arts Council Introduces Mental Health Scholarships for Local Artists


INDIANAPOLIS – It’s no secret that the pandemic is a psychological burden for Hoosiers across the state. The Indy Arts Council is offering new scholarships to help local creatives access mental health that may be difficult for them to find.

The program is named after the local artist Wug Laku. The talented creative took his own life four years ago, but those who knew him say many didn’t know he was struggling with his mental health.

“His psychological problems were very profound and complex. I couldn’t help him, ”said his former partner and fellow artist Nancy Lee. “He didn’t tell me about it, and in time I found out. Help comes in many forms. But the best is professional help. “

Laku’s friends and fellow artists sold a collection of his work for $ 4,000. The Indy Arts Council kept the money until now. It was used to start the fund. Artists can apply for $ 750 for consultations and $ 250 for wellness practices.

“A lot of our artists have health insurance, but it’s not the type of health insurance that covers the things they need,” said Shannon Linker, vice president of artist services and engagement for the Art Council of Indianapolis.

If you are an artist and want to apply for the scholarships, you can apply Here.

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