Herrera Beutler Secures Funding to Expand Health Care Access and Prevent Drug Use Among Young People in Southwest Washington



This was announced by Congressman Jaime Herrera Beutler (WA-03) [on Thursday] that she has secured important federal funding in a committee-approved spending plan to support health-related initiatives in southwest Washington.

The Work, Health, and Personnel Allocation Bill for FY22 included two priorities for funding for the Southwest Washington community: funding to support renovations and modernizations of Battle Ground Healthcare, which will expand vital health services, and funding for Camp Mariposa Southwest – Washington – A year-round camping and mentoring experience for children affected by a loved one with substance use disorder.

Southwest Washington Project Funding Details:

Battlefield Health – $ 320,000

“As the COVID pandemic has shown so clearly, the people of southwest Washington need access to affordable, quality healthcare. It is for this reason that I have successfully advocated the community request to modernize the Battle Ground Healthcare facility to enable the expansion of its services to enable more people in the local community to access critical health resources. “ said Herrera Beutler.

  • This federal funding will support renovations and upgrades so Battle Ground Healthcare can expand its services to its customers who are uninsured, underinsured, have chronic illnesses, and are at or below three hundred percent of the federal poverty line.

Camp Mariposa Southwest Washington – $ 50,000

“It’s not talked about often enough, but children who have been exposed to a loved one’s addiction can have lasting and devastating consequences. Camp Mariposa aims to break cycles of intergenerational addiction and to help children who have been exposed to drug use at home. For this reason, I am happy to support the community’s request to fund Camp Mariposa so that they can continue to work for and mentor young children in southwest Washington, “ said Herrera Beutler.

  • This federal funding will go to Camp Mariposa-Southwest Washington, a year-round campaign and mentoring experience for children affected by a loved one with an addiction disorder. The camp focuses on preventing addictions, responding to adverse childhood experiences and breaking cross-generational addiction cycles.

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