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Agency: be careful

Shoot fireworks

Arkansas Department of Health officials say residents should be extra careful using fireworks this weekend.

Fireworks can cause injury and death if improperly used, officials said in a press release. Burns, cuts and eye injuries are possible.

A list of safety tips from the agency says that people should read the instructions carefully before setting off fireworks, and adults should never give fireworks to children.

Use fireworks in open areas, away from buildings, cars and pets, officials said.

Also, moisten used fireworks before discarding and dispose of them in metal containers.

At least five people were blown off parts of their hands in a “fireworks fight” in Little Rock in 2019, the Arkansas Democrat Gazette previously reported.

2 groups received

Funds to fight HIV

Two Arkansas organizations were among 29 organizations to receive grants to fight HIV in the South, a press release said last week.

The Gilead Compass Initiative – a partnership with Emory University’s Rollins School of Public Health, the Southern AIDS Coalition, the University of Houston’s Graduate College of Social Work, and Wake Forest University’s School of Divinity – announced such awards , $ 9 million for groups of 13 at states.

Beneficiaries included the Black Gay Men’s Forum and the Engaging Arkansas Communities, both based in Little Rock. It wasn’t immediately clear how much each group was receiving.

This is the first time Arkansas groups have received funding through this project, an announcement said. For the first time, groups from Oklahoma and Kentucky were included.

The awards are designed to help groups fight HIV in rural communities, the same press release said.

Abortion Fund put

paused in July

The Arkansas Abortion Support Network has suspended its abortion fund for the month of July, the group said in a social media post on Wednesday.

The right to abortion group said the “unprecedented need” in the past six months has forced the hiatus and its organizers hope to resume the assistance program in August.

Other operations such as escorting clinics will continue, the post said.

Abortion funds usually provide cash grants for pregnant people who want to have an abortion but cannot afford it.

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