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The Ministry of Health the issue of the begins on Monday Gambia first digital birth and health insurance certificates.

The nationwide exercise runs simultaneously in all identified centers, with applicants having on-site access to both documents once their application has been submitted and approved.

The move comes as countries around the world transition from manual to digital, a move widely believed to be more efficient and effective in data management.

gave a glimpse of the campaign at a recent press conference on Monday, Lamin SaidybahMedical officer at Planning and Information Department in the Ministry, informed that the new system called – Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) will replace the manual system.

The system, he added, has four components that applicants should consider at the time of application.

“In this new system, the data given to each individual will be continuous, permanent, and universal, and will be kept confidential to the state and the state only.”

Noting that capacity building is currently underway in all components of service providers, supervisors, data entry clerks and verification officers before the exercise officially begins, Saidybah said the exercise is targeting all eligible Gambians.

“So every applicant who meets the requirements is entitled to this digital birth certificate, as the birth certificate is a legal document required by all citizens of a country. It is the breeding document of all other documents in a country.”

Also speaking at the ceremony, Sarata Ngack, senior health Economists at the Planning and Information Department at the Ministry, thanked God for making dreams come true, adding that this was something that was envisioned in the 1990s for the country to move from a paper-based or manual birth certificate to a digital system to keep up with the technology world Keep up.

Describing the initiative as a step in the right direction, she said that in order to start proper planning, it is important to provide proof of identity, providing documents that are required of all citizens of a country in order for authorities to contact their support the planning process.

“The birth certificate is a very important document and I want all Gambians to make the most of this opportunity to register for a new digital birth certificate.

CRVS, she added, is here to eliminate stateless people, adding that the former affects both the nation and individuals.

“In a sense, if CRVS is to be adopted, we will identify individuals who are citizens, migrants and even refugees. And by giving these people access to our various document centers, we would then tell our government the direction to take.”

A demonstration of the exercise is scheduled to take place today (Monday) at SOS Bakoteh Children’s Village. The actual exercise will then continue on Tuesday Banyul, Bakau, Jeshwang and then to the other centers across the country. According to officials, these documents are absolutely free.

Buba Darboe, health communication The manager of the ministry reminded that a law has been passed that obliges every individual in the country to be entitled to a private or public insurance scheme.

Darboe announced that private insurance schemes are available in the country, but the country has yet to introduce public insurance schemes.

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