Fort Worth apartment fire eclipses mom and her young son, who has a disability – CBS Dallas/Fort Worth

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Five children and three adults have been displaced after a fire in Fort Worth earlier this week.

It happened in an apartment complex on Heights Drive. A Fort Worth woman and her son with a disability are among those displaced. She wasn’t ready to speak on camera just yet, but her mom is sharing the details.

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“It hurts, it hurts,” her mother Bridget Jones said. “This is my little daughter.”

There are many emotions from Bridget Jones after her daughter and grandson were evicted.

The family shares cellphone video showing what Shuntellia Jones and her mother saw when they first entered their home after a fire.

“Everything was destroyed,” said Bridget Jones.

The fire occurred Wednesday, February 26, at the Tides of Woodhaven homes in Fort Worth. The Fort Worth Fire Department said two homes were damaged and eight people displaced.

“If you haven’t been through it, you don’t even know how she feels,” Bridget Jones said.

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Jones said her daughter did not receive any placement assistance.

“You wouldn’t even help her, period,” Bridget Jones said. “She has a disabled son, his wheelchair, his walker … everything he needs is burned.”

Louie West of Robinson Group, which manages the apartment complex, said: “We gave them different options but they declined.”

Bridget Jones said her daughter was only offered a new apartment at a higher price. The apartment complex declined to elaborate on these options, neither confirming nor denying the statements made by the family.

Bridget Jones also said her daughter received an email about renters insurance the same day of the fire, but said she is already paying for it.

“We come into the office, they say she only had insurance that we would cover the apartment if something happened, but it wouldn’t cover what she had there,” Bridget Jones said. “You didn’t offer anything, that’s wrong.”

Bridget Jones said her daughter received $500 from the Red Cross but now she is unsure what she and her son will do next.

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Meanwhile, Monday is her son’s fourth birthday.

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