Ford, Audi Mock GM Super Bowl Advertisement with Quick Responses


General Motors used its spot in this year’s Super Bowl to throw a glove, Challenge Norway to an electric car offespecially because the US is losing this fight. Other automakers step up to defend the Norwegians in one of the most fun, fast-paced rivalries we’ve ever seen.

The background: Last year 54 percent of the new cars sold in Norway were electric. Here? The best we could do was closer to 3 percent. But GM believes we can do better and has hired Will Ferrell to hit a globe, challenge the Scandinavians to a fight, and send some friends to the wrong countries to start it. Note that Norway heavily subsidizes the sale of electric vehicles, exempting them from local sales taxes and a 25 percent value added tax (VAT).

GM also ran some promotional teasers in the days leading up to the game, including one that featured Ferrell orders five million anchovy pizzas to the entire population of Norway.

That was at the heart of Ford’s playful reactionwhere the pizzas were delivered … in Ford Mustang Mach-E crossovers. Because Ford is actually selling an electric vehicle in Norway (GM not yet).

But it was Audi that got something up and running really quickly. You have signed up game of Thrones Star Kristofer Hivju from Oslo to point out that is the best-selling electric vehicle in Norway Audis e-tron Audi, and that Norwegians Do not respect such small fish.

But it wasn’t all (playful) vitriol. Kindly by Easee, a Norwegian charging station manufacturer Ferrell built his own charging point because when he finally reaches Norway. It’s in the middle of a frozen lake.

The mackerel is now in GM’s court. Let’s hope they signed Ferrell to a sequel deal.

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