Everly Health makes over 45 million COVID-19 tests possible for Americans

In addition to providing access to FDA-cleared COVID-19 testing for the home through its flagship consumer brand Everlywell, Everly Health Solutions has helped millions of Americans find out about COVID through partnerships with health insurers, universities, and public health officials -19 to be tested. , national pharmacy chains and retailers, and employers ranging from small organizations to Fortune 500 companies.

“Our national infrastructure helped us become digital first responders at the start of the pandemic, and we continue to help organizations operate safer at a time when health and safety is paramount,” said Julia cheek, CEO and Founder of Everly Health. “Through these efforts, I am proud to announce that Everly Health has enabled nearly 45 million COVID tests since the pandemic began.”

By combining the BD Veritor â„¢ Home COVID-19 Test and accompanying Scanwell app with Everly Health Solutions’ proprietary lens tool, businesses can deploy rapid tests and safely display individual test results. The digital platform also processes reporting of required data to state and county public health authorities for many testing options, including PCR and rapid antigen testing.

Participating corporate customers receiving tests through the Everly Health Solutions platform will receive world-class virtual care when members test positive for COVID, including access to treatments such as monoclonal antibody therapy when available and oral antivirals when FDA clears would.

“Our end-to-end digital solution helps companies manage the entire COVID-19 testing process, from testing to telemedicine to treatment, all supported by our HIPAA-compliant, easy-to-use platform,” added Bill Paquin, EVP and General Manager of Everly Health Solutions. “The quality and consistency of our solutions is why organizations rely on Everly Health Solutions to advance testing and telemedicine membership programs to tackle some of the country’s deadliest diseases, including colon cancer, diabetes, kidney disease – and now COVID -19. “

Interested parties can visit everlyhealthsolutions.com to learn more.

About Everly Health
Everly Health’s mission is to provide better care for better health by providing modern, diagnosis-focused care. Headquarters in Austin, Texas, Everly Health is the parent company of the following brands: Everlywell, which is focused on providing consumers with access to convenient and affordable laboratory tests; Natalist, the women’s health brand that offers conception and pregnancy essentials with a net-zero plastic footprint; and Everly Health Solutions, which provides industry professionals with a range of solutions – from technology support to logistics, compliance, and clinical expertise – that provide a seamless infrastructure for scaling high quality, people-centered care, starting with diagnostics. The company also operates a 50-state network of clinicians to provide telemedicine services to a wide variety of customers, including many of the largest health plans in the country.

About Everly Health Solutions
Everly Health Solutions, a subsidiary of Everly Health, is a virtual care provider that uses advanced diagnostics and telemedicine to improve the early detection and prevention of disease. Our solutions provide the clinical, legal, and technological framework to facilitate population-level testing in major healthcare markets in all 50 states. Puerto Rico, that US Virgin Islands, and Canada. We believe that with convenient access to clinically actionable tests, people can change lives, improve outcomes, and create a healthier world. To learn more about Everly Health Solutions, please visit everlyhealthsolutions.com.

The BD Veritor â„¢ Covid-19 Home Test has not been approved or cleared by the FDA; however, it has been approved by the FDA under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). This product is only approved for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 proteins, not for other viruses or pathogens. The emergency use of this product is only permitted for the duration of the declaration that circumstances exist that justify the approval of the emergency use of IVD for the detection and / or diagnosis of COVID-19 in accordance with Section 564 (b) (1) of the Federal Nutrition Act, Drug and Cosmetic Act, 21 USC Section 360bbb-3 (b) (1), unless the declaration is terminated or the approval is withdrawn earlier.

SOURCE Everly Health

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