Doja Cat Shuts Down Fans Concerned About Her Sanity After Shaving Her Hair And Eyebrows

Doja Cat isn’t fooled by haters.

In a recent Instagram Live, the Grammy winner let her fans know that the onslaught of online negativity she’s receiving about her freshly shaved head and eyebrows hasn’t dampened her spirits.

However, Doja went on to address the real reason for her desperation: the swirling rumors that there was a mental illness behind her new look.

The “Woman” singer first stunned fans when she uncovered her clean-shaven noggin in an Instagram Live on Thursday, before shaving her eyebrows in front of the camera while more than 20,000 viewers looked on.

With some followers posting on social media to express their dislike for the singer’s newfound look and others linking Doja to the infamous 2007 Britney Spears incident when she shaves her off Hair before being taken to a conservatory, many fans continued to express concerns.

“I’m rich, I’m fine,” Doja said on Instagram Live, adding, “The whole thing like ‘Are you alright Queen?’ Shit makes me rip my – well, I guess, the hairs I’ve let out. It makes me pull out my friggin’ pubic hair — I absolutely hate it.”

Just days earlier, the 26-year-old musician explained that she shaved her head because she rarely showed her natural hair in her work.

She also nodded to the fact that she’d spent most of her career wearing wigs, saying that she felt she should never have hair.

“People think that for some reason I’m not doing well because I don’t have hair on my face or on my head,” she said live on Instagram. “It’s just a bloody wild world we live in. When I shaved my head I felt really good because I know that anyone who liked me before my head was shaved and doesn’t like me now was never worth it.”

“Nothing has changed — I just don’t have hair,” Doja added. “But now that I’m bald and my eyebrows look freaking amazing, people are like, ‘What? I don’t like you.’ And I’m like, ‘Fine. Get out.'”

Doja – who snagged six nominations for the 2022 MTV Awards – is this year’s best female nominee at the ceremony, which begins on March 27. 28 in New Jersey.

Their last album “Planet Her” was released last year.

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