Diversity & inclusion at KCVA | VA Kansas City Health Care

Consistent with our commitment to promoting diversity, inclusion, equality, and access, the KCVA has a number of current and future initiatives to support our diverse veteran and employee populations. Below are just a few of these initiatives.

Special priority programs
The KCVA Special Emphasis Programs (SEPs) aim to address the specific concerns of specific groups in order to achieve our goal of ensuring equity and integration in the recruitment, recruitment, development, training and advancement of KCVA employees. The SEPs are usually administered by employees who identify themselves within the population group represented or are allied with it. The KCVA currently supports SEPs for eleven populations: Veterans, LGBTQ +, People with Disabilities, Hispanics, Women, Black / African American, Asian / Pacific Islander, American Indian / Alaskan, South Asian, Middle East / North African, and aging American.

Diversity and Inclusion Committee
The KCVA set up its first Diversity & Inclusion Committee in June 2020 and appointed all Special Emphasis Program Managers as well as representatives of the Equal Employment Opportunity Program, Human Resources and the Executive Leadership Team as members. The Director of the Medical Center chairs the D&IC, while the monthly meetings are moderated by the Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer.

special instructions
Each year, the KCVA commemorates specific days, weeks, and months known as special celebrations that focus on the challenges faced by individuals who identify with an under-represented, historically excluded, or marginalized community. In addition, we mark commemorations commemorating events, recognizing experiences and celebrating the achievements of various population groups in our region, in the country and around the world.

IDEA in brief: Supervisor’s Short
All KCVA supervisors received a weekly educational email from the Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer entitled. was written IDEA in brief: Supervisor’s Short End of September 2021 with information and resources designed to expand your knowledge of topics related to inclusion, diversity, equality and access as leaders in our organization.

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