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Progress is a value at the Harsha Behavioral Center.

Over the past 18 months, innovation, science and technology have become increasingly important, especially in healthcare and mental health.

Moving forward over the past year has meant moving forward the mental health debate and resources for citizens.

Roopam Harshawat, CEO of the Harsha Behavioral Center

The past year has provided Harsha with many opportunities to participate in conversations about the ever changing mental health needs of our time and community activism. In February, Harsha participated in a round table discussion with regional and state leaders, including Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch, to discuss Hoosiers’ mental wellbeing and how to address and meet such needs.

Community Update: Harsha Behavioral Center Improves Mental Health Care

The site of the Harsha Behavioral Center, a detached acute hospital in the south of Terre Haute. Harsha was founded in 2008 and recently celebrated its 13th anniversary in August 2021.

Throughout the 2021 legislature, the Harsha Behavioral Center also strongly advocated House Bill 1468, which requires student IDs to indicate the national crisis hotline for grades six through twelfth for ID-issuing school companies. The law was finally passed and will come into force at the beginning of the school year 2022/23. The added resource is intended to ensure that students have access to resources outside of the school campus and past school hours.

Harsha also attended Recover: A Community Conversation Event hosted by the Wabash Valley Recovery Alliance. The discussion was devoted to the topic of addiction awareness and hope. In April, Harsha, together with the Children’s Bureau and the Child Abuse Prevention Committee, hosted a “Pinwheel Planting” in support of Child Abuse Prevention Month.

“It is our responsibility to find ways to advance the mental health conversations,” said Roopam Harshawat, CEO of the Harsha Behavioral Center. “These conversations are the catalyst to find more resources, reduce the mental health stigma and ensure our Hoosiers know that help is available. The more we advance mental health conversations, the more we can improve our mental wellbeing. “

The Harsha Behavioral Center is a freestanding acute care hospital in the south of Terre Haute. The facility has 81 beds for the inpatient care of people who need 24-hour intensive psychiatric care and cares for patients of all ages – from children from three years to geriatric patients. Harsha specializes in behavioral health, autism, substance abuse, and severe psychiatric cases, and serves patients from across the state of Indiana.

– This article was made available to the Tribune star by the Harsha Behavioral Center.

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