BioOhio Announces Partnership to Meet Labor Needs in the Life Science, Healthcare and Life Science Industries

Columbus, Ohio – (BUSINESS WIRE) – BioOhio is pleased to announce a new collaboration with workforce development company Workmorphis, led by Emily Fabiano, to develop a workforce development strategy and implementation plan to meet the growing talent needs of BioOhio member companies.

“The growth that the life science, health and life science industries are experiencing in Ohio is extremely exciting. Now we need to make sure we have the right mix of talent to fill any new job opportunities that growth has created with a sustainable pipeline. “For the future,” said Eddie Pauline, President and CEO of BioOhio.

“Between record industry growth and this dynamic labor market, it’s no surprise that life science companies in Ohio are facing unprecedented workforce challenges,” said Emily Fabiano, Founder and President of Workmorphis. “Now is the time to work with BioOhio and its members to develop an integrated strategy and leverage cross-sector partnerships that not only increase the number of life science staff but also support continuous innovation.”

The strategy aims to increase BioOhio members’ awareness and access to new workforce trends, challenges, insights and the numerous human resources in Ohio. BioOhio aims to empower its members to effectively use talent resources and communicate skill needs to teachers at all levels who develop curricula.

BioOhio plans to regularly convene life sciences, health, life sciences, and academia executives to discuss human resources issues and raise awareness among Ohio residents and outside of the state of our state’s thriving life sciences industry, including career opportunities and pathways offered by member companies be to raise awareness.

“Given Emily Fabiano’s experience, connectivity with executives, and insight into current workforce trends, we couldn’t think of a better partner to help us address our industry’s talent challenges,” said Eddie.

“BioOhio member companies represent key industries on the cutting edge of new technology and discoveries,” said Emily. “We are honored to work with them to develop and implement the people solutions that are essential to their continued dynamism and success.”

The work begins with a first input session with BioOhio member companies that have immediate staffing needs in the areas of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and cell and gene therapy.

Life science, health, and life science companies and academic partners in Ohio are encouraged to contact BioOhio & Workmorphis at [email protected] to share their staffing needs and talent prospects later in the process.

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