Best countries to travel to for summer work

Summer vacation is the perfect time of year to finally let go and start your adventure.

Now, if you enjoy traveling, you usually have two options: save up for year-round travel, or find work abroad and mix business with pleasure. And by the time you’re reading this, you’ve decided on the second.

After all, you don’t have to choose between “I want to travel” and “Ugh, I have to do my homework and prepare for exams”. For three months you can do whatever you want!

Your search for a vacation job should always begin with “Where?”. Not that the how isn’t important, of course. But for each country there are always several options to choose from. You just need to do enough research to find the most suitable one.

Which countries are still the most popular destinations for students looking to make money while traveling? Here are four longtime champions to consider that are presented in no particular order.


If you want to experience a radically different way of life, China is the destination for you. Combine this with an abundance of short-term job opportunities for foreigners (especially native English speakers) and it becomes obvious why China keeps making these lists.

However, there are a few things you need to consider before venturing into China. First off, China’s Great Firewall is blocking most of the websites you are likely to visit. In addition, the air pollution in big cities is to be feared – and as a foreigner you will indeed attract a lot of looks.

3 reasons to go to China

  • Unless you are originally from Southeast Asia, life in China will feel like a whole different world.
  • There are many job opportunities for teaching English to native speakers.
  • Everyday life is relatively cheap and most jobs are paid well enough to save money.


Do you dream of saying “Bonjour, la France, ma chérie”? Going there on your own will be a bank breaker for most students. Fortunately, you can get it working even if you are not out of the riches. Just spend your salary to cover travel expenses!

Of course, France is an expensive country for everyday life even without traveling. With this in mind, make sure that you are not mistaken about putting money in your savings account. You will likely spend it all on groceries, transportation, and leisure.

3 reasons to go to France

  • Most employers have an excellent work culture. They respect a healthy work-life balance, provide an appropriate work environment, provide sick leave if necessary, etc.
  • You will find job opportunities in the Alps or in lively cities like Paris, Nice or Cannes that every tourist dreams of.
  • This is your opportunity to experience the real French way of life. It won’t be 100% the same as what was seen in the movies, but it’s still a distinctive lifestyle that you will learn a lot from.


This is a little outlier on the list – you probably didn’t expect to see Ecuador here, did you?

Since Ecuador is a bit out of the way, you will find a quieter everyday life here with fewer tourists. The culture itself might be a good kind of oddity for you too. Nobody rushes anywhere; People take time every day to enjoy.

3 reasons to travel to Ecuador

  • Everyday life is cheap, and jobs for native English speakers in the hospitality industry are paid above average.
  • Flexibility and focus on people instead of schedules and strict routines are the cornerstones of the work culture. This way you won’t get stressed out at work once you have got used to everyone being relaxed.
  • There are many less touristic but still amazing places to visit, especially if you prefer mountains and nature to cities.

South Korea

As in most countries in Southeast Asia, prepare for a demanding work culture in South Korea. That said, it’s not as dramatic as is often portrayed in the news or movies. Once you get used to it, you will see how many advantages this cultural setting actually offers.

As for the jobs themselves, fluent English is valuable here. There are many ways to start teaching English. There are also many jobs in the hotel industry for native English speakers.

3 reasons for South Korea

  • Family work culture: Prepare for contact with your colleagues and spend time together at company events.
  • Traditions and modern technology merge: South Korea keeps its centuries-old practices alive while spreading the futuristic atmosphere.
  • Benefits like health insurance and free lunch are combined with a relatively low cost of living.

What jobs are there for you?

So you’ve decided on the “where” part of the equation. What now?

Now you need to keep an eye out for vacancies there. Here are five common things to consider when it comes to vacation jobs for foreigners.

  1. Hospitality. Resorts around the world experience a boom in customer numbers every summer, so they need extra hands.
  2. Teaching english. If you are a native speaker, you already have your golden ticket to most countries in the world! All you have to do is catch up on the class and you are good to go.
  3. AU Pair. This is your kind of program if you enjoy spending time with children and see how families in other countries live.
  4. Agriculture. These jobs are usually open to foreigners because they are poorly paid. But if you are used to being thrifty (and you don’t mind physical labor) it won’t be a major inconvenience.
  5. International warehouses. Often only food and accommodation are covered. But there is nothing like a camp to become part of an international community and have fun with like-minded people.

Wrap up

As you can see, there are pretty attractive ways to travel for summer work. So choose the most suitable country and sphere and start your adventure this summer!

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