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The member may not know, but this reference in this article has in fact been withdrawn by the Australian as the Minister has noted, I was advised that this statement was not made with reference to welfare.

He may not be aware of this, so I understand why he is asking this question on that basis. I don’t think the NDIS is welfare. I believe the NDIS, Mr Spokesman, is being put in place to ensure that people with permanent disabilities have as much as possible and the same opportunities as other Australians. I was a supporter of this initiative from the start. I supported it, Mr Spokesman, in the opposition when it was brought up by the opponents in the government, I supported it as Minister of Social Affairs, I supported it as Treasurer and I have it as Prime Minister. And Mr Spokesman, I support it …

… In the previous article, just to help the member, the statement “Life long welfare” was put in quotation marks, that is, to denote a quote, a quote. That is not in the updated document. There are no quotation marks related to this statement. There are no quotation marks related to this statement.

The member’s proposal based on this is therefore wrong. But, Mr Spokesman, Mr Spokesman, let me be very clear, Mr Spokesman.

… The NDIS is not a charity. I never believed it. And I will never do it. And I’ve supported every day I’ve been here as it was brought into this chamber by the opposing parties many years ago, and I believe it should be a matter of bipartisan support as it was when it was first introduced . Just like it was when it was introduced.

And that is certainly the approach that I took in the opposition and in the government as minister, treasurer and prime minister. I will continue. It offers opportunities for Australians with disabilities as they grew up, people of our generation that they would never have dared dream of. And I think that says wonderful things about our country.

It is a very demanding program in terms of tax costs and the Australians are paying those costs and we will continue to do so, Mr Spokesman, and we have to make sure that it runs efficiently and we have to make sure that it is not lost, Mr Speaker, against any form of abuse, because by protecting it from abuse, we are protecting the people it is supposed to support. So, Mr Spokesman, Mr Spokesman, let there be no doubt that our government, my government, Mr Spokesman, believes in the NDIS, and we have demonstrated this every single day with full funding and we will continue to do so.

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