Ash Brokerage joins Integrity in historic partnership to continue innovating insurance and financial services

industry pioneer Jim Ash Ash Brokerage started more than 50 years ago by providing health insurance to groups and individuals in the Fort Wayne, Indiana, Area. Through thoughtful acquisitions and a well-executed growth strategy, the brokerage business has expanded into life insurance, long-term care, disability, annuity and retirement solutions. In 1997 Jim handed the management over to his son, Tim Ashwho has expertly taken the company to further national prominence while maintaining a consistent focus on building strong relationships with agents and consultants and delivering world-class service.

Today, Ash Brokerage is one of the largest insurance brokers in Germany The United States, with more than 400 employees nationwide. In 2021, Ash Brokerage helped with the placement 2 billion dollars the premium while underwriting 25 billion dollars Face value to protect American families and businesses. They also provide registered investment advisors with superior advisory, outcomes-based insurance solutions. Throughout its history, Ash Brokerage has impacted nearly one million lives with its products and services. Additionally, the Ash family and their organization are known and respected for broad, ongoing philanthropic giving and investment efforts in their community FortWayne.

“It’s rare to find an organization with a 50-year track record of sustainable excellence,” he said Bryan W Adams, co-founder and CEO of Integrity. “Ash Brokerage is a company that has continually focused on innovation – Tim, Jim and their dedicated team have always diligently evolved to increase their impact on the people they serve and the place they call home maximize. Ash Brokerage has created a strong culture of family and community, resulting in time-honoured client relationships and impressive employee retention. This partnership is consistent with Integrity’s continued focus on transforming the industry to better serve Americans with their living, health and wealth planning needs serve. By combining the systems, strengths and expertise of our two organizations, Integrity and Ash Brokerage will have an even greater impact on the lives of the agents, consultants, carriers and consumers we serve together. We could not be honored to say Ash Brokerage in Welcome to the Integrity family and we look forward to an exciting future as we work together to innovate the industry.”

“We’re in the business of impacting lives, and service is our calling card,” he said Tim Ash, CEO of Ash Brokerage. “We honor the relationships we have with the thousands of financial advisors we serve and the clients who depend on them, as well as our family of teammates. Everyone at Ash Brokerage is incredibly passionate about protecting the financial freedom and security of American families, which is why we are so committed to developing products and strategies that enable our advisors to provide their clients with the best solutions for every situation. This enables our consultants to develop and deliver more holistic offerings for their clients. The breadth and depth of Integrity’s data and technology complements our own extensive systems and services perfectly, allowing our team to compete at an even higher level. We have chosen to unite so we can have a greater impact on the lives of the people and communities we serve.” This shared commitment is at the heart of this partnership p, and we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead 50 years and more are ahead of us.”

As a respected and respected insurance name, Ash Brokerage will bring additional strength and leadership to Integrity’s fast-growing partner network. This pioneering, collaborative group of industry leaders and icons is united by a shared vision to innovate insurance and improve processes that protect the life, health and wealth of all Americans. Adding Ash Brokerage’s deep expertise and proprietary technology, products and resources to the platform will greatly enhance Integrity partners’ ability to impact lives for the better. Ash Brokerage’s proven systems for supporting large institutions with their insurance offerings will also serve as a model for all Integrity partners.

The Integrity platform consists of best-in-class insurtech offerings and innovative systems designed to help partners realize their full potential. Strategic partnerships include marketing through nationally renowned ThomasARTS, comprehensive offer and registration systems CSG Actuarialongoing product development AIMCThird party management services IASdata and analysis DEFT research and lead generation skills Mail Pro leads.

Ash Brokerage can leverage this end-to-end suite of resources to further enhance its already exceptional organization and approach while leveraging Integrity’s many administrative business capabilities. Industry-leading shared services offered to all partners include areas such as People & Culture, Technology & Innovation, Finance, Legal and Compliance.

In addition, Ash Brokerage is now offering meaningful equity ownership to its employees Integrity Employee Participation Plan.

“For over 50 years, Ash Brokerage has provided our clients with unparalleled support to help them feel secure in their future,” he said Jim Ash, Founder of Ash Brokerage. “Our heritage aligns well with Integrity’s forward-thinking leadership and strong core values ​​that align so closely with our own. Additionally, we are proud and honored to join Integrity’s partner network, where we have witnessed a wonderful collaboration between industry legends who strive to make our industry better. Working together will help us all gain important insights and create better outcomes for Americans. This partnership is special – very special.”

“Through innovation and partnership, the Integrity platform continues to transform the way insurance and financial services are delivered,” said Steve Young, CEO of Integrity. “We couldn’t achieve these milestones without great partners like Ash Brokerage who share our vision and values. Jim and Tim have always invested heavily in their community, customers and employees. Together we will unlock a world of potential to grow together and deliver the solutions Americans need to feel secure for the good days ahead. With Ash Brokerage by our side, our commitment to service is stronger than ever.”

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Integrity, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is a leading distributor of life and health insurance and provider of innovative wealth management and retirement solutions. Through its network of partners, Integrity is helping millions of Americans protect their lives, health and wealth by committing to meeting them everywhere – in person, by phone and online. Integrity’s cutting-edge technology helps streamline the insurance and financial planning experience for everyone involved. In addition, Integrity develops products with carrier partners and markets them through its distribution network of agencies, brokers and RIAs across the country. Integrity’s nearly 6,000 employees work with more than 420,000 agents and consultants who serve over 10 million customers annually. In 2021, Integrity helped airlines more than place 10 billion dollars on new sales and oversaw more than $20 billion in assets under management and advisory through its RIA and broker-dealer platforms. For more information visit

About Ash Brokerage
Founded more than 50 years ago in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Ash Brokerage’s 400+ employees are focused on helping finance professionals innovate and secure the future through insurance products including life insurance, annuities, long term care and disability insurance. Ash Brokerage leverages relationships with more than 80 world-class insurance carriers to help its 50,000 licensed agents find the best solution. Ash Brokerage has the tools – and the people – to offer solutions at every stage of life. In 2021, Ash Brokerage saved nearly 50,000 lives and helped place nearly 2 billion dollars the premium. Throughout their history, they have impacted nearly a million lives with their products and services. For more information visit

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