Amazon’s growth in healthcare is unprecedented

Earlier this month, famed tech and e-commerce company Amazon announced that it would expand its personal health model nationwide as demand for the retail giant’s health services surges.

The press release states: “Amazon Care was launched in September 2019 to provide customers with the most patient-centric healthcare, when and where they need it. Amazon Care combines the best of virtual care and in-person services, and as more organizations seek convenient, comprehensive, and quality healthcare solutions, we are seeing growing demand and excitement for Amazon Care’s unique hybrid care offering.”

Kristen Helton, director of Amazon Care, elaborates further on the growing demand: “Patients are fed up with a healthcare system that doesn’t put them first. Our patient-centric service is changing that, visit after visit […] We have provided our on-call emergency and primary care services to patients across the country. As we expand the service, we will continue to work with our customers to meet their needs.”

Undoubtedly, this initiative is well positioned to reinvent modern healthcare. Amazon has consistently demonstrated its success in disrupting legacy industries. The company has single-handedly transformed the face of retail into a whole new e-commerce economy that includes new ways to deliver consumer goods, groceries, medicines and now healthcare.

Importantly, the Amazon Care concept isn’t the company’s only fast-growing healthcare endeavor. Another notable initiative is Amazon Web Services (AWS), the company’s robust cloud technology platform that powers some of the largest healthcare organizations and companies in the world, including Rush Medicine, Moderna, the New South Wales Government, Philips, the National Health UK service etc.

In addition, Amazon continues to relentlessly innovate. In the healthcare hardware space, the company has invested significant resources into developing Halo Band, an intuitive wearable that tracks health metrics. This has given Amazon a simple and logical entry point into the booming personal health and fitness space. The device offers a variety of services, including analysis of sleep, body composition, nutrition, and activity tracking, to name a few.

Finally, Amazon is committed to investing in the future of healthcare. Last year, AWS announced the launch of a health accelerator with the goal of “cultivating and nurturing innovative startup solutions that achieve the fourfold goal of improved patient experience, enhanced clinical experience, better health outcomes, and lower costs of care. As they seek compliant data-driven healthcare solutions, AWS will help public sector healthcare companies accelerate their digital transformation.” This initiative offers Amazon an opportunity to work with some of the industry’s most innovative innovators at an early stage.

In fact, Amazon still has a long way to go when it comes to healthcare. Time will tell how the tech giant will change the face of the industry for generations to come.

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