Financial Lease

As an entrepreneur it is possible to purchase a car without directly using your own financial resources. You can maintain your liquidity. With a predetermined interest rate, you pay a fixed monthly installment for the entire term. So you know exactly where you stand.

It is also possible to partially finance the car from our own resources and to realize the remainder with a financial lease. Handy when the purchase amount for the car is not or partially available to you.

The benefits of a financial lease

  • When purchasing the car, you are entitled to a reclaim of the VAT, a car with a gray license plate may also be entitled to an investment allowance.
  • One of the clear and transparent forms of leasing. A fixed monthly installment with a fixed interest during the term.
  • With a financial lease you become the economic owner of the car. Your car will be added to the balance sheet, depreciation costs and interest are tax deductible.
  • On the closing term (the value of the car at the end of the term) you only have to pay interest during the term, so no repayment. This reduces the monthly installment to be paid.

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