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Sex & Love Addiction

#SLAA Online Group
12-step recovery meetings for those seeking recovery from a pattern of compulsive need for sex or desperate attachment to one person.

A Start to Recovery
Chat & message board for sex & love addiction discussion.

Addictive Sexual Disorders
Article discussing differential diagnosis & treatment.

All About Sex Addicts
Offers tips on how to stop. Mirrors: Sex-Addicts, PornAddicts, RecoveringSexAddicts.

American Family Filter
Christian based online pornography filtering service. $

American Foundation for Addiction Research
Scientific research on the neurochemistry of addictions, diagnostic criteria for sexual addiction, the role of couples & families in the recovery process & the relationship of trauma & addictive disorders.

Articles, Writings, Essays & Research on Sex & Love Addiction
Browse through articles related to sex & pornography addiction & compulsion, as well as love & relationship addiction.

Be Broken Ministries
Dedicated to helping individuals & families overcome the damaging effects of pornography & sexual addiction. Offers free online counseling.

Books on Sex, Love,
Relationship & Pornography Addiction

Self-help & 12-step guides, treatment information, personal journeys & meditations for those seeking recovery, as well as their partners & family.

Breaking Pornography Addiction
Suggestions & advice for overcoming this problem.

E-mail recovery/buddy group for those who have recognized & have decided to make a committed step toward sexual addiction recovery.

Christians for Sexual Integrity
Offers a referral line for problems associated with sexual exploitation, trauma, addiction & coaddiction & training for mental health professionals, pastors & support groups $.

Codependents of Sexual Addiction
Recovery program for those whose lives have been affected by another person's compulsive sexual behavior & who seek support & recovery from their own addictive patterns with their sexually addicted partners or others.

E-mail discussion list for people in/recovering from relationships with sexual/love addicts.

Couple Recovery from Sexual Addiction/Coaddiction
Survey results outlining the benefits of recovering as a couple, describing methods respondents used & the top problems faced.

Co-Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous (CO-SLAA)
For partners of sex & love addicted people seeking support & recovery from their own addictive patterns with their sex & love addicted partners. (617) 332-1845, P.O. Box 614, Brookline, MA 02146.

Online support group for people who have become addicted to sex chat & realize the harm this addiction has caused in their lives.

Cyber Addiction Help
E-mail discussion forum for addicts & victims of online cyber addiction.

Cyber Sexual Addiction
Offers sexual addiction self-tests, an FAQ on cybersex addiction & articles for sex & love addicts.

Cybersexual Addiction
Information on this sub-type of internet addiction.

Diagnosis of Addictive Sexual Disorders
Article discussing the criteria for sexual addiction & compulsivity, using the DSM-IV (Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).

Dr. Carnes' Online Resources
Sexual addiction screening test, FAQ's & articles.

Dr. Ruth Online
Dr. Ruth Karola Westheimer: sex therapist; Q&A, sex tips, polls, message boards, free downloads.

Enough is Enough
Addresses porn addiction, dependence & related issues. Offers a report on the impact of pornography, including empirical research, media studies & experience of clinical psychologists.

Escape From the Manhole
Confessions of a sex addict. One man's story.

Esther Ministries
Christ-centered workshops for women in relationships with sexually addicted men or struggling with pornography addiction themselves. $

Fires of Darkness
Christian ministry for pornography addicts & their loved ones offers a newsletter, articles, discussion groups, e-cards & a bible search using passages or keywords. Ex-Gay resources.

Freedom from Pornography
Features stories of recovery from pornography addicts. Post an anonymous story, learn about ending sexual exploitation & access resources.

Free From Sexual Addiction
Personal stories of respite through a renewed relationship with God. Ex-Gay resources.

Good News For Sexual Addiction
Christian accountability groups (GA, TN, FL, MO, Mexico) for men seeking freedom from compulsive sexual sin & support groups for women betrayed by their husband's infidelity. Ex-Gay resources.

Heart to Heart Counseling Centers
Sex addiction FAQ's, quiz, newsletter, research, phone counseling, books-tapes-videos. $

Infidelity Support Group
Message board, articles & tips for stress management.

Jewish Sex Addicts
E-mail list for Jews who suffer from Sexual Addiction.

N.Y. based program for men with sexual obsessions & compulsions $; offers a bulletin board, Q&A & a sex addiction risk self-questionnaire.

Latter Day Sexual Recovery
Help, hope & healing for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who are struggling with sexual addiction & compulsion.

LDS Couples' Recovery from Sex Addiction
E-mail forum in which sex addicts & their spouses can come to understand & help one another.

Love Addicts Anonymous
Discussion forum & chat for sex & love addicts.

National Council on
Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity

Promotes public & professional recognition, awareness, understanding & how to recognize the signs of sexual addiction, compulsivity & sexual offending.

New Life Ministry
Online support group for men, women & their families who struggle with pornography.

New Life Partners
Christian based email support group for wives of men struggling with sexual addiction.

View a list of sex & love addiction related newsgroups.

Online Sexual Addiction
Support & resources for people concerned with compulsive sexual behavior on the WWW; bulletin board, chat, email group & on online sexual addiction course $.

Overcoming Sexual Addiction
Offers counseling for sexual addiction, as well as marriage counseling to aid the healing process. $

Information & tips on avoiding & escaping porn addiction. Includes testimonials, devotions, prayer requests, help for spouses & free online courses based on biblical principles. Ex-Gay resources.

Articles dealing with the issue of pornography, it's affect on our culture & on the objectification of women. Information on legal cases & how to support anti-obscenity laws.

Reports on pornography & the fight against it; big business, internet, government & legislation.

Pornography Addiction
Anonymous forum where people can discuss their struggle with Pornography Addiction, whether it is personal or someone else's addiction.

Pure Life Ministries
Christian organization to help men achieve lasting freedom from sexual addiction; offers live-in or structured at-home programs. $

Pure Intimacy
Offers a self-test, essays & information on counseling options for those who want to overcome the grip of online pornography & affairs & those that love them.

Recovering Couples Anonymous
Fellowship of recovering couples suffering from many different addictions who share experience, strength & hope with each other that they may solve their common problems & help other couples restore their relationships.

Relationship ODAT Survival Guide
"One Day At a Time" daily readings for people coping with relationship struggles.

Renewal from Co-Sexual Addiction
Christ-centered 12-Step group for spouses of sexually addicted men.

Renewal From Sexual Addiction
Christ-centered 12-Step recovery program for men struggling with compulsive sexual behaviors.

Fellowship of relatives & friends of sexaholics who share experience, strength & hope with each other so that they may solve their common problems & help others to recover.

Secret Addictions
Forum to share your pain & feelings upon discovery of your loved ones sexual, fantasy or drug related addiction.

Setting Captives Free
Christ-centered hope & freedom to those in the grip of sin through accountability to Bible-based Truth. Offers a free online course to find freedom from pornography & sexual impurity.

Sex & Love Addiction
Commentary from Recoveries Anonymous.

Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous
12 Step fellowship of men & women dealing with addictive sexual & emotional behavior.

Sex Addiction Help
Provides an overview of sexual addiction, including characteristics & causes, professional treatment options, a self test & a support section for partners of sex addicts.

Sex Addictions
Articles explaining addictions, factors that influence people toward addiction & a description of recovery.

Sex Addicts
Email help & recovery group for addiction to sex in all its forms (pornography, cybersex, sex).

Sex Addicts Anonymous
Fellowship of men & women who share experience, strength & hope with each other so they may overcome their sexual addiction or dependency & help others to recover. Mirror

Sex Workers Anonymous
Formerly known as Prostitues Anonymous. Offers meetings, phone / mail support for those in institutions & written material, including the 12 Steps of SWA Big Book, to help sex workers get out of the business or find recovery & support afterwards. Organization offers training & educational videos.

Sexaholics Anonymous
Fellowship of men & women who share experience, strength & hope with each other that they may solve their common problem & help others to recover.

Sexual Addiction
Article discussing the use of Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors to control uncomfortable & frequently dangerous, sexual behavior.

Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity
The Journal of Treatment & Prevention, devoted to topics pertaining to sexual addiction & compulsivity; forum for research & clinical practice.

Sexual Addiction Recovery Resources
Links to affirmations, chat, newsgroups, support groups, counselors & publications for addicts & their partners.

Sexual Compulsives Anonymous
Fellowship of men & women who share experience, strength & hope with each other, that they may solve their common problem & help others to recover from sexual compulsion.

Sexual Deviates Anonymous
E-mail group designed to unite those who feel their sexual desires or activities have caused or are causing problems in their lives or in the lives of those around them.

Sexual Recovery Anonymous
Fellowship of men & women who share their experience, strength & hope with each other that they may solve their common problem & help others to recover.

Sexual Recovery Institute
Articles & self-tests relating to love & sex addiction; outpatient treatment for compulsive & addictive sexual behaviors in CA $.

Sexually Sanctified Ministries
Christian support & discussion for married couples that have been effected by pornography. Ex-Gay resources.

Sisters United Against Pornography
Encouragement for Christian women whose husbands are or have been addicted to pornography. Offers prayers boards, chat, daily devotionals, poetry & personal stories.

Struggling with Pornography
Personal stories & a compilation of suggestions from people who have struggled with pornography addiction.

Top 10 Indications You Are a Sexaholic
1. You have sex with more than one person a month. 2. You masturbate frequently.

Understanding Sexual Addiction
Offers free online secular, 12-Step & Christian workshops for those seeking to end their addiction to sex, love or porn, as well as a partner's workshop to assist in their own healing & understanding.

Victims Of Pornography
Focuses on sharing information about the ill-effects of pornography & offering help to its victims.

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