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201 Ways to Say No Effectively & Gracefully

Quick tips give you the backbone to dodge work overload, bad ideas, prying questions, nuisances, bullies, procrastinators looking for companionship & demands for raises. Role plays ensure that those on the receiving end walk away with other choices, solid explanations, or a well-deserved smack on the wrist. ( 2 ) — 201 Ways to Deal With Difficult People

The Art of Assertiveness
Practical Skills for Positive Communication

Open honest communication plays an important role in a lasting recovery program. Unfortunately communicating in a positive & constructive way is a tough assignment for most of us. Now you can better understand your communication style & develop the skills to better express your feelings with this easy-to-follow step-by-step workbook. The skills presented in the accompanying video will help you turn potentially negative situations with friends, family & coworkers in a positive self-fulfilling direction. — Assertiveness CardsFacilitator’s Guide

The Art of Conversation
Magic Key to Personal & Social Popularity

The “unwritten laws” of effective conversation – powerful ways to communicate with friends, family, neighbors, co-workers & total strangers – from the art of small talk to the secrets of understanding non-verbal signals that guide you to say the right thing everytime. ( 2 )

The Art of Winning Conversation

Tips, techniques & advice to increase your powers of persuasion & build the skills you need to “sell” your ideas. ( 2 ) — HC

The Art of Mingling
Easy, Fun & Proven Techniques for Mastering Any Room

Techniques, tricks, lines & maneuvers to overcome your fears, meet new people with charm & confidence & achieve social success. ( 2 ) — Audio

Asserting Yourself
A Practical Guide for Positive Change

Practical four-step technique for handling interpersonal conflicts; provide exercises to improve self-esteem, to look & feel assertive & to develop meaningful friendships. ( 2 )

Assertive Option
Your Rights & Responsibilities
( 2 )

Assertiveness Skills

Uses practical exercises to help improve & practice assertiveness skills in everyday work situations. Includes guidelines for resolving conflict & expressing assertive behavior. ( 2 )

The Assertiveness Workbook
How to Express Your Ideas & Stand Up for Yourself
at Work & in Relationships

Self-directed program teaches us to speak up & say what we mean at work & at home. Uses proven cognitive behavioral techniques to help build self-confidence, set boundaries & determine appropriate responses. ( 2 )

Beyond Shyness
How to Conquer Social Anxieties
A Step-by-Step Program to Help You
Overcome Your Fears & Gain Control of Your Life

Outlines techniques & exercises to overcome social phobias; become calm, confident & socially adept & develop self-esteem, the core of healthy social interaction. *

Communicate With Confidence!
How to Say it Right the First Time

Compilation of 1,042 tips, with explanations, directed toward better governance with words, written & oral. Divided into 23 sections, ranging from small talk & gender communications to the best ways to criticize, apologize & negotiate. ( 2 )

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Assertiveness

For anyone who has has felt paralyzed in the face of opposition; individuals can at last express their ideas & stand up for themselves; quick & easy ways to get the attention of others; idiot-proof steps for getting your way, without jeopardizing relationships; down to earth advice for making your viewpoint known & heard. ( 2 )

Conversationally Speaking
Tested New Ways to Increase Your Personal & Social Effectiveness

Step-by-step guide to finding others to meet, resolving conflicts, starting conversations & keeping them going. ( 2 )

Developing Positive Assertiveness
Exercises, tips & techniques for developing positive assertiveness. ( 2 )

Difficult Conversations
How to Discuss what Matters Most

Offers advice for handling unpleasant confrontations. Learn how to start the conversation without defensiveness; why what is not said is as important as what is; ways of keeping & regaining your balance in the face of attacks & accusations & how to decipher the underlying structure of every difficult conversation. ( 2 ) — CassetteCD

Don't Say Yes When You Want to Say No

Change your life using Assertiveness Training Technique as you learn how to: express negative & positive feelings; target your own assertiveness difficulties & set your own goals; follow your progress with a workshop that gives you step-by-step reinforcement; visualize & actualize through exercises designed to perfect new behavior patterns; develop self-control that comes from within; change habits that keep you from getting what you want in every area of your life. ( 2 ) — Audio

The Fine Art of Small Talk (Audio)
How to Start a Conversation, Keep It Going,
Build Rapport & Leave a Positive Impression

Techniques & strategies to make effective small talk an easy, natural part of everyday conversation. ( 2 )

Fire Up Your Communication Skills
Get People to Listen, Understand & Give You What You Want!

Each of the 52 short burst chapters explains a simple skill of life that can uncomplicate lives, improve communication & relationships; describing remarkable, practical, humorous & common experiences to inspire change.

Getting Beyond 'Hello'
Miss Mingle's Guide to Navigating the 90's

Audio offers insightful tips on socializing & entering comfortably into conversations with perfect strangers.

How to Start a Conversation & Make Friends

How to meet new friends, fulfill social & career goals; master the dynamics of conversation: communicate with wit, confidence & enthusiasm, learn how to break the ice & remember names, plus an illustrated guide to body language. ( 2 )

The Introvert Advantage
How to Thrive in an Extrovert World

Provides tools to improve relationships with partners, kids, colleagues & friends, offering dozens of tips, including 10 ways to talk less & communicate more, 8 ways to showcase your abilities at work & strategies for socializing. — HC

The Communication Skills Book

Improve relationships & personal effectiveness by mastering body language, sexual communication, making contact, assertiveness, negotiation, public speaking, self-disclosure, active listening & influencing others. ( 2 )

People Skills
How to Assert Yourself, Listen to Others & Resolve Conflicts

Communication-skills handbook describes the 12 most common communication barriers, showing how these "roadblocks" damage relationships by increasing defensiveness, aggressiveness, or dependency. Explains how to acquire the ability to listen, assert yourself & work out problems with others. ( 2 )

The Pocket Guide to Making Successful Small Talk
How to Talk to Anyone Anytime Anywhere About Anything

Explains the purpose of small talk, discusses small talk apprehension & some of the more specific barriers; elaborates on the role your body, mind & emotions can play in hindering your efforts. Case studies illustrate what you should & shouldn't do & the basic formula & golden rules.

The Real Solution Assertiveness Workbook

Most people can be assertive in some situations & yet not be effectual in others; expands the number of situations in which a person can choose to be assertive. When a person is passive, opportunities are lost & unpleasant situations are tolerated. Graduated exercises allow participants to apply the newly acquired skills. ( 2 )

Since Strangling Isn't an Option...
Dealing With Difficult People
Common Problems & Uncommon Solutions

Do you feel like you're expending too much energy engaging in conflict or desperately trying to avoid it? Revealing self-quizzes & engaging exercises provide solutions to dealing successfully with difficult people. Learn about: -The habits that cause continued conflict & techniques to turn things around. -Your own power in shaping relationships. -Advice for specific personality types.

Talking With Confidence for the Painfully Shy
How to Overcome Nervousness, Speak-Up & Speak Out

Techniques to help master insecurity, anxiety & nervousness in order to meet & speak easily with others, offers tips on coping with job interviews, making small talk, mingling at parties & giving speeches. ( 2 ) — Audio

Thank You for Being Such a Pain
Spiritual Guidance for Dealing With Difficult People

Gentle & compassionate guidance for understanding & healing relationships with difficult people. Acquire the skills & insights necessary for turning around even the most troublesome relationship by embracing four fundamental premises & putting the suggestions into practice. Filled with enlightening exercises & entertaining stories. ( 2 )

Thinking on Your Feet
How to Communicate Under Pressure

Have you ever... * been caught off guard in a meeting? * been stumped by a query in a sales call? * suffered an embarrassing silence in a job interview? * thought of the perfect response -- after the conversation? Helps you improve your end of any conversation or interview using proven strategies & practical examples. ( 2 ) — Audio

What Do I Say Next?
Talking Your Way to Business & Social Success

Provides insights, ideas, tips & techniques that can make anyone successful in conversation. ( 2 ) — Audio

When I Say No, I Feel Guilty

Discusses inherited survival responses: coping with others by fight, flight or verbal assertiveness; our prime assertive right & how other people violate it. Revolutionary techniques using the skills of Systematic Assertive Therapy. ( 2 ) — Vol. II: for Managers & Executives

Why Am I Afraid to Tell You Who I Am?
Insights into Personal Growth

"Why do I pretend? What am I trying to hide? Why am I afraid to tell you who I am?" The answers are essential for finding personal growth & fulfillment. Describes types of interpersonal relationships, examines healthy & unhealthy ways of dealing with emotions & addresses different types of personal defense mechanisms. ( 2 )

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